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"I started studying with Carol as a complete beginner at ballet and after the first class I knew I found the right instructor. She has great skill at distilling and communicating information about form and natural movement of the human body. It has been 5 years since I began this journey and I continue to grow and learn in her class.”


"I started from scratch as an adult dancer with Carol and have truly enjoyed the noticeable improvement from her teachings. Being aware of how the body is intended to move and counter balance has not only helped me feel more confident as a dancer but is also a knowledge I use in my day to day. Her easy go-with-the-flow demeanor is a pleasant way to enjoy learning a new art form that can sometimes feel difficult for adult dancers. I have truly grown to admire and rejoice in the community of adult dancers that have gravitated to Carol’s class. It is one of the highlights of my week!”


"In the four years that Carol has been my teacher, she has trained me in classical ballet, yet through using the Franklin Method, her technique limits the damage to my body that is often experienced by students at other studios. Not only is she a knowledgeable, nurturing, caring teacher, Carol also creates a comfortable environment that is free of judgement and intimidation, and encourages greater understanding of the body's relationship with ballet. With Carol's expert instruction, I have advanced to learn pointe work under her continued guidance and look forward to progressing further by learning more advanced ballet technique. After searching for the perfect ballet teacher, I found that person in Carol Guidry."  


"Carol Guidry is both a giving and astute adult ballet teacher. Carol's tips for ballet technique, driven from her Franklin Method training, are tips that I take with me to every class, whether taught by Carol or not. I have taken ballet from Carol for over five years, and have taken pointe from Carol for 2 years. Carol's calm and knowledgeable demeanor with teaching has gotten me to dance en pointe and on flat better than I ever thought possible. I particularly love it when Carol brings out her bag o' bones so that we can understand what is going on inside our bodies while we are in ballet class!"


"As a GYROTONIC® Exercise and Pilates instructor focusing on corrective exercise, and as an adult ballet dancer, I highly recommend Carol Guidry for her calm, centered approach to ballet technique through the lens of the Franklin Method.  I feel the difference profoundly in the facility with which I recover from injuries and return to ballet with deeper insight and awareness.  Carol creates a safe yet playful environment where dancers and movers may explore and enjoy ballet technique -- even on pointe as adults!  Her classes are not to be missed!"


"Carol's adult ballet classes are a challenge for both the brain and body. She strikes a delicate balance between fun and educational and I always leave her class feeling inspired."

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